R. Graff of E. Noyes Architects, 1966

Mid-Century Modern Perfection.
This striking 4000 sq ft house, designed by E. Noyes Architects is in pristine condition, flawlessly updated and beautifully lived-in. Renovations include granite counters and floors, marble baths and double glazed glass, making this home fully updated and very energy efficient. The house is a wonderfully designed space wisely enhanced since the original construction. Steel beams support the extended west and north glass walls bringing in the surrounding acres and increasing the sense of interior space and light.
Granite from a local Litchfield County quarry creates the walls in both the living room and family room where 2 fireplaces add New England warmth to this Mid-Century modern house. The craftsmanship to finish these two expansive walls took months of masons’ work and was done with no mortar between these perfectly joined stones. In addition this same granite is used at the handsome front entrance. Other exquisite touches include the extinct burled Carpathian elm shelves and built-in desk-counter area in the lower level office/library and a dramatic wall in the Master Suite. The cabinets in the kitchen and living room and the floor pegs are all of rose wood. These constructions are well done, the finishes warm and rich, providing a striking contrast to the glass and steel elsewhere.
The exterior of this handsome house is equally beautifully presented. The recently constructed gunite pool has mahogany decking and gives total privacy and views of the lawns and neighboring open land. This 2 acre property has been carefully landscaped increasing the open and yet very private feel. To the north the abutting land is more than 100 acres with a stream, complete with riffles and waterfall……vistas abound.
A bit of history of the current owners highlights their concern they would not find the house of their dreams. Recently published in LINDA WONEN, a Dutch Interior design magazine, the article gives a sense of the style they wanted and the perfect house they found. This jewel is now available.

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